Explore web3 with confidence

Stelo protects you from scams and phishing so you can use web3 with peace of mind.


Explore web3 with confidence

Stelo protects you from scams and phishing so you can use web3 with peace of mind.

Stelo is a Chrome extension. We'll email you the link so you can download it on your computer.


Stelo is NOT a wallet...

It works with existing wallets and explains transactions before you send them.


...it's an interface you can understand

So you know exactly what transaction you're about to sign.


It works with every transaction

Even if the transaction isn't malicious, Stelo helps you understand what's going on.

NFT Marketplaces

Defi and Swaps


Malicious Transactions


And gives you superpowers

So web3 can be safer for everyone.

Easy to read interface

Stelo presents transactions in plain english. No more hex codes and JSON.

Predictive risk evaluation

Stelo's risk engine uses on- & off-chain data to assess the risk of every transaction.

Gets smarter over time

Stelo learns from the network. So the more you use Stelo, the safer it keeps the community.

All without access to your crypto

Stelo is not a wallet and never has access to your private key or seed phrase.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stelo?

Stelo is a Chrome extension that keeps you safe from phishing. It interprets and enriches transactions so you don’t have to blind sign.

How does Stelo work?

Stelo pauses transaction requests sent to Metamask by wrapping the window.ethereum Javascript object that Metamask injects into the page.

Once you approve the transaction in Stelo it resumes the Metamask request or cancels the request if you reject it.

Does Stelo have access to my seed phrase?

No. All Stelo sees is the unsigned transaction and helps you interpret it.

Is Stelo secure?

Yes. Stelo doesn’t have access to your private key or seed phrase. It can’t get, move or access your crypto.

Is Stelo open source

Yes. You can read the extension code and build Stelo from source on our github. https://github.com/stelo-labs/stelo-extension

What does Stelo log?

We log the same information that will eventually make it on-chain + some more information about the Dapp (such as the URL).

What browsers does Stelo work with?

Stelo currently worked with any Chromium based browsers like Chrome and Brave. It doesn't yet work with Firefox.

Other questions?

Have another question? Send us an email at faq@stelolabs.com.

Interested in trying Stelo?

Download the extension to get started

Interested in trying Stelo?

Stelo works on your computer, we'll email you the link