If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at faq@stelolabs.com

What is Stelo?

Stelo is a Chrome extension that keeps you safe from phishing. We interpret and enrich transactions so you don’t have to blind sign.

How does Stelo work?

Stelo pauses transaction requests sent to Metamask by wrapping the `window.ethereum` Javascript object that Metamask injects into the page. Once you approve the transaction in Stelo we resume the Metamask request, or cancel the request if you reject it.

Does Stelo have access to my seed phrase?

No. All we see is the unsigned transaction and help you interpret it.

Is Stelo secure?

Stelo doesn’t have access to your private key or seed phrase. We can’t get move or access your crypto.

What does Stelo log?

We log the same information that will eventually make it onchain + some more information about the Dapp (such as the URL).

What browsers does Stelo work with?

Stelo currently worked with any Chromium based browsers like Chrome and Brave. We don't yet work with Firefox.

Other questions?

Have another question? Send us an email at faq@stelolabs.com.